We Make Touchscreens Easy To Rent!

We’re a trade only manufacturer of Interactive Flat Panels for the Audio Visual Rental Market.
We supply our products “ready-to-rent” right from the moment you take delivery.
We’re a trading division of TouchIT Technologies so touchscreens are in our DNA.
Let us help you Rent a Touchscreen to your customers!

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 Rent Touch Screens

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All our touchscreens come ready packaged in flight/road cases with built in lifting mechanisms. Adding a touchscreen to your rental portfolio could not be any easier!

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If you are wondering why you should invest in touchscreens for your rental fleet – let us explain why. If you are not already renting touchscreens you are missing out!

Rent A Touchscreen

Rent a Touchscreen dot com is a trading division of TouchIT Technologies Holdings Inc. TouchIT Technologies was founded in 2008 and specialises in the design and manufacture of Interactive Flat Panels. We also focus on the development of Interactive Software for the Audio Visual Market. TouchIT Technologies’ products are found in 30+ countries around the world. The Education and Corporate Markets are the largest verticals in which we operate.

Rent A Touchscreen dot com as a division was launched in 2017 to focus on the Audio Visual Rental market. Traditionally, touchscreens have been difficult products to rent and we aim to change this. Learn More about how are products can help you rent touch screens.