Tell Me About the Cases

The cases that are supplied with the interactive flat panels are highly durable and made in the USA! This alone has the benefit that if you do loose a latch or buckle a wheel, we are able to get spare parts; unlike many inferior products that come from China.

The latches are hard wearing. The wheels are oversized. All design and considerations are again the value of the goods that the case contains but more importantly, it is to ensure that your rental fleet remains in the best possible condition.

The shelves and feet that come with the cases are easy to attach and made from a steel construction. The drapes that give the case the finishing touch when at the client’s location are held in place with velcro.

The height adjustable mechanism can be manually adjusted to make it easier to lift. Please bear in mind, that if you alter this setting and make it easier to lift so there is more upward pressure on the LED, it is going to be slightly more difficult to push back down into the box when you are finished – just some food for thought.

If you would like to have your logo added to the cases, we can screen print them – contact us for more details on this. Likewise with the drape, if you would like your logo to be added and printed onto the drape, we can do this too.

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