What are the differences between I Series and P Series?

In short, where your rental customers are concerned, functionality wise there are next to no differences. The real differences are in the aesthetics.

The P series stands for PCAP which is Projected Capacitive touch technology and what this creates is a totally flat surface. Rather like an Apple iPad for example, this is the kind of quality and finish you get on the P Series. What this means is that you should be renting this out at a higher price point than on I series; simply because it is a more expensive model. The I series LED does have a bezel which protrudes from the font of the screen as the IR touch technology is integrated into the frame.

For your rental customers they both come with onboard Android which means that don’t need a PC to use the LED and can simply switch it on to use the Contribute Annotation App or give a PowerPoint presentation from a memory stick.

We think that this plug and play nature makes for a much more compelling reason to rent a touch screen than ever before. In the past, they have been cumbersome and complicated to setup which when your rental customer was something that ‘just works’ this was a sticking point. The TouchIT LEDs, both I and P series do just that, they just work so are the ideal screen for the corporate rental market.

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